Our simple and calm rooms are all equipped with a sink. Toilets and showers are on the same floor. Each floor has a balcony for the guests with a breath-taking view on the Chablais region and the Alps.

All the rooms have a full view on the mountains

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[cml_media_alt id='265']vue depuis les chambres[/cml_media_alt]

Chambre Cocon, (140/200)small room, under the roof

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Chambre Montagne, under the roof, old bed (90/190)
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Chambre Miquette, (2x 110/190)
bathroom on the same floor
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Chambre Rouge,(140/200) bathroom
on the same floor
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Chambre des Chats, (160/200) on the ground floor,
child bed available on request
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Chambre Miro, (140/200)on the ground floor
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