The House

The House

After its construction in 1894, Le Belvédère stays for a long time a typical hotel-restaurant of the swiss Alps. Then it successively became a retirement home, welcomes refugees, is abandoned for a while and relived with the reception of hosts.
Beginning 2021, a new adventure, the owners stay in the old café-restaurant, and the old hotel Le Belvédère becomes a vacation home for rent.

We are happy to keep on to perpetuate the more the centennial offer of Le Belvédère to host people !

A view from the 1930s

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The terrace in the 1960s

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The terrace nowadays
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Situated on ground floor, the kitchen gives access to the terrasse.
The kitchen is equipped, stove-oven, microwave, fridge-freezer.


Living room with TV offers some games and a library for everyone.